UT ibbme ECE

Positions Available

Our research is interdisciplinary and include semiconductor device physics, optics, micro- and nano-fabrication, chemistry and applications in biomedical diagnostics, cancer studies and neurobiology. Our students will be working within these disciplines as part of project teams conducting experiments in topics related to in vitro biomedical diagnostics and in vivo optical imaging in rodents.

Masters and PhD Candidates:

Interested students should apply to the graduate program at The Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, The Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering or related programs in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto. Applications are due in early January for starting in the following fall.

In addition, send Dr. Levi an e-mail indicating your interest and a copy of your CV and transcripts. If you have any of the following skills or experience, please mention them in your e-mail:

  • Undergraduate and/or graduate coursework in optics, photonics, electromagnetics and applied physics
  • Research experience as an undergraduate or a Masters student.
  • Micro/nano fabrication experience, working in a clean room
  • Optics experience, in research or teaching laboratories
  • Experience with theory and/or modeling and numerical simulation of electromagnetic problems
  • Experience with biomedical imaging
  • Teaching experience, leadership and teamwork experience.

  • For those students who have already sent your applications to the University of Toronto: Please send Dr. Levi an e-mail with the information above, so he can look for your application.

    Fourth Year Thesis Candidates:

    Third year Engineering, Engineering Science, and Biology/Physiology students who wish to participate in our research activities and conduct their fourth year thesis research in our group, are encouraged to contact Dr. Levi to discuss research opportunities in an e-mail describing your interests with a copy of your CV and transcripts.

    Post Doctoral Fellows:

    Our group is seeking highly motivated, dynamic and independent candidates for Post Doctoral research fellowships who can lead experimental research activities in optical in vivo imaging, optical biosensors and imaging systems. Background in experimental photonics, optical semiconductor devices, micro- and nano-fabrication, modeling light propagation in tissues and biomedical imaging is highly desirable.

    Contact Dr. levi with an e-mail describing your interests, your past experience, and a copy of your CV.


    For more information about research opportunities in our group please contact Dr. Ofer Levi.